How to use this site

The purpose of this site is to help teachers easily implement Daily Number Talks into their classroom culture. How can you use this site?

Go to the home page to find the daily number talk for your grade level. Not the problem you want? Then click on your grade level on the menu at the top of the screen to look at all the number talk problems for your grade level.

Once you have finished the Daily Number Talk routine, DON'T erase your board until you've taken a picture of all or part of your number talk solution methods.

Tweet your photo to the microhashtag listed on the problem. Your photo will show up at the bottom of the page in a couple of minutes.

What is a microhashtag? A microhashtag is a very narrowly defined conversation (such as "17 + 14") that is directly related a web page such that the Tweets are embedded onto a web page.